WorkPlace Big Five

WorkPlace Big Five personality assessment

Are your employees working with the most suitable tasks for them? Can  you be sure your teams are taking advantage of all the different capabilities within the group? Can you be sure the first impression is the right one when you recruit? An unsuccessful recruitment is always an expensive mistake, easily avoided by using the quick and easy test that analyses the personalities of the recruits. WorkPlace is also a great tool to construct the best teams.

From the WorkPlace Big 5 research it emerges that people enjoy and perform best with tasks that match their personality best. We take advantage of each other’s strengths and support one another where we need help. This is the key to future working life.

By analysing the results of personality assessments we gain a better understanding of the resources and capabilities we have within our organisations.

People working with right tasks for them are much more motivated and perform better too. They make all the difference.

Very often managers are chosen on the basis of seniority.  Seniority should never be the only measurement.  The WorkPlace Big Five test is very cost efficient and provides vital support for major decisions.

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