Why outsource recruitments?

One major reason is that it takes a lot of your time and requires special knowledge.

An unsuccessful recruitment costs a lot, both financially and operationally.

A professional recruitment process markets the company’s brand and strengthens the positive image of its products and services.

One of the greatest competitive advantages is choosing the right and the best employees. How can you find them?

Building a strong employer brand, combining that with the best and newest practices to recruit, and you do attract talents. The majority of potential employees look for new opportunities within their social networks and by word of mouth. How important isn’t a good reputation and company image!

75% of  the workforce is not actively looking for jobs and as many are looking for new jobs on their mobile devises. How shall this  to be taken into consideration when recruiting?

The Work Lagoon has answers to your questions and all the open positions are visible both on our website and networks and on the chosen social media channels. And of course you’re your company’s site, if you want to.

Everyone recruited with the help of The Work Lagoon gets a WorkPlace Big Five profile. You can be sure the choice is made using a theoretically proven method and not just based on experience or the first impression.

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