The Work Lagoon HR Partnership

The Work Lagoon and Kati Stenius HR partnership

A Partner for Management

We support your management in planning and implementing your HR strategy

  • Together we implement the strategy into the day to day work. Your company’s Value Proposition has to be delivered.

We are your specialist when people matter

  • Let us increase your competitiveness by understanding your employees as humans, their needs, values and motivations

Implement Talent Management

  • Recognition and reward systems will help your company to retain the best players

We conduct research on Employer Brand Value and support you in polishing your image

  • Highly valued employers are attractive employers, who do not need to rely on salary to compete for employees. We can transform your company into one of those.

Support for HR function

We take care of your recruiting process from start to finish under your own brand

  • Recruiting is very time-consuming and a failure is always costly. By using us you can save time and money.

We take care of finding the right health care providers for you

  • With our experience from occupational healthcare we know what to ask for and make sure you do not end up paying too much

We organise well-being activities for your staff

  • Companies need to know that they will get a return when they invest time and money in teambuilding or other events

WorkPlace Big 5 analyser

  • The test simply and clearly explains work-related behaviours found in day-to-day encounters with co-workers, employees, managers and colleagues.
  • It helps us to recruit the right type of people for your current needs

Support for Staff

Kati Stenius works as tutor and mentor to your employees

  • We offer solution-oriented and motivating tutorial programs, both for groups and individuals
  • Concrete results in short period of time

We test the suitability of recruits and managers-to-be

  • WorkPlace Big 5 gives a very good base for tutoring, career planning and for all type of teamwork.
  • With the help of the assessment we can secure the suitability of recruits and new managers at their new tasks

We conduct surveys of employee satisfaction and help you to implement methods for improvement

  • Good and valued employers follow up and take actions if needed to raise general satisfaction at work. Investments in satisfaction will result in savings on the bottom line.

With our long experience from start-ups and small businesses in very different sectors, and in working life in general, we will be able to support young companies whose main focus is on their core business and not on HR.  You are experts in what you do and should put all your efforts into that. The Work Lagoon can take care of your HR tasks and support you along your growth path.    By using us you can save time and money.

Let us tailor the most suitable Partner-package to your particular needs.

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