The motivators

The motivators

Can a company be successful without understanding human beings? The ability to understand others’ needs, values and motivations will give you the best competitive advantage. Your success depends on your managers’ ability to understand and support the behaviour of your employees and clients.

Based on research, up to thirty percentage of company’s result can be attributed to mood and emotional atmosphere. A poor atmosphere lowers motivation, increases sick ness leave and at worst it can even paralyse the entire organisation. This becomes very costly for employers and society at large.

  • How do you tackle challenging situations?
  • Do you have unnecessarily high number of absences?
  • Do you provide mentoring to your staff?
  • How are new managers chosen?
  • Are you sure you have all the right pairs and team members working together or might other combinations of personalities perform better?
  • Do you reward in the best way?

These are questions that The Work Lagoon answers. We arrange workshops, lectures and employ positive psychology and person-centred practices in our work.

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