The Work Lagoon

Many of us enjoy proximity to water; since ancient times it has been known that water brings well-being and has healing properties.  A lagoon is a good metaphor for the atmosphere in a successful working environment.

The water the workplace, should be rich in oxygen, a transparent and well-functioning ecosystem, where everyone can survive and thrive. In a well-functioning workplace, every person is equally valued irrespective of his role. We all are important to each other, we all have different strengths and we all need support.

Organisations that can see deeper under the surface are able run a better business in this changing world.  Understanding human behaviour helps companies to meet their goals and achieve a competitive advantage.

By exploiting everyone’s strengths we can maximise our performance. The Work Lagoon helps organisations to recognise and take advantage of the resources and capabilities, which their employees possess and, based on that, to create the best performing teams.

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Our services

Are your employees working with tasks that are the most suitable for them? Are your teams composed of people with the most relevant skills and competencies? Do you recognise all the different strengths your personnel have?  Do you successfully recruit the right type of personality, or are you sometimes misled by first impressions? Among our services you can find the right HR solutions to your needs today or in the future.
HR Partnership

The Work Lagoon HR Partnership is tailored to the needs of each client company. By supporting management teams, recognising their strengths, and recruiting the right type of people, we find solutions for better performance through better well-being.

It is unsurprising that young companies, which have just started up often, do not have the time or resources to invest in HR related issues.  However humans are the most important resource companies have today: your employees are as important as your clients.  We can provide the most suitable and cost efficient service package tailored for your company.

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WorkPlace Big Five personality assessment

WorkPlace Big 5 is a global and rapidly growing tool for analysing personalities at an individual and team level. It is based on academic study and has been developed over centuries.  The research shows that humans enjoy and perform best when working on those tasks that fit their personality profile best. By testing employees we can take advantage of everyone’s strengths and give support to each other where needed. This is the key to for a successful future for all type of businesses.

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Why to outsource recruiting?

Because it takes a lot of your time and requires special knowledge and an unsuccessful recruits is very costly.

A professional recruiting process is to be seen as marketing of the whole company.

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Employer Branding

How attractive an employer are you? Even if Finland and other countries have high unemployment, there are still sectors, which lack suitably skilled people.

Are your employees really happy to be working for you? Is your company the most attractive employer among your business sector?

We do not attract talents just by throwing a good traditional Christmas party or providing lunch benefits. Employer Branding is very much more.  It should be part of your strategy and be implemented every day of the week.  Did you know that highly ranked employers do not compete on salary?  Investments in and commitment to your company’s value proposition will strengthen your Employer Brand and can even reduce your staffing costs. Learn more

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